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a few questions, you can develop a decisive, short speech to give the worker, which will help relieve any turmoil afterwards and give insight into why you are firing them. And, a jury won't find your reason credible because you have nothing in writing or you never gave the jobholder a chance to improve. In total, there are roughly two dozen laws that protect employees from being separated. 6) Memorialize the plan by getting it typed up after the meeting. Lastly, be careful in refilling a "canceled" job within a year even if you made an honest mistake in your reorganization plan. A good

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business has workforce that are willing to cooperate and do their job the best they can. Cutting the bad worker's job can be a good way to get rid of a medium or high-risk lay off case. An Older Worker With Lackluster performance. When you have given multiple warnings to a worker for the same problem, it may be time for the small business to cut ties with this individual. 2) The employee meets with his lawyer. Perhaps one of the most important issues when disciplining your workforce is saving their dignity, so when they are a rehabilitated employee, they will still have a sense of pride

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about working for the business. Although management should allow workforce time to grieve for their coworkers, they also need to refocus the organization quickly on new goals and objectives. As long as you're acting within the letter of the law, then yes you can hire or dismiss for no reason at all within the scope of at will employment. In the company, world firing someone is not as easy as it used to be. Having all this knowledge will be your best protection against a costly lawsuit. Have a representative review the letter and make sure you're following proper firm processes. If the

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